Super Power Bites

Ahh – here it is. My first recipe post. I debated which recipe I should put up first. Well, I didn’t really debate too long since this recipe has been on my mind. The hubs and I are gearing up for a vacation with some friends and I keep reminding myself to make sure I have enough almond butter to make these. I don’t right now. But I took pictures last time I made them so I could post the recipe here.

This is an adaptation of this recipe from Gimme Some Oven. The first batch I made was pretty much exactly the same as the original and was great, but the second batch I experimented a little and I’m definitely happy with the result. I love these because they are sweet enough to curb any sugar cravings but are packed with protein and nutrients. Maca Root Powder has become a bit of an obsession of mine so I love finding ways to include it in recipes that hide its flavor (I think it tastes pretty bad, though some say it has a barely noticeable nutty taste). Cacao, hemp, and flax are all packed with the good stuff!

super power bites

Super Power Bites – Makes approx. 25-30

1 cup – dry oatmeal

2/3 cup – shredded coconut

1/2 cup – nut butter (I used almond)

1/2 cup – ground flaxseed

1/2 cup – chocolate chips (I used 60% cacao but next time I think I’ll use cacao nibs)

1/2 cup – raw honey or maple syrup

1 tbsp each – chia seeds, maca powder, cacao powder, hemp hearts

1 tsp – vanilla extract

handful dried cranberries

These are a bit messy but really easy to make. Just throw all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix. I tried using a wooden spoon but it was easiest to just mix by hand. I would recommend putting all the dry ingredients in first and mixing, then adding the maple syrup/honey, vanilla and nut butter and mixing. I just threw everything in as I grabbed it and some had more chia seeds or hemp hearts than others since they stuck to the syrup and almond butter.

super power mixture
This picture was taken after I had already started forming the bites and realized I needed to take a picture. You should have a lot more mixture than this.

Once mixed, let chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Once chilled, mold into one- or two-bite-sized balls (mine were definitely two bites) and place in an airtight container. You may have to wipe off (or lick your fingers then wash) your hands about halfway through or the mixture will stick to your messy fingers. These should last in your fridge for about a week. My last batch ended up lasting a little longer due to busy schedules and they were still fine.

I’m sure you could mix up about a million different combinations. I threw in the cranberries because they were leftover from some trail mix I had made for hub and I thought they would pop nicely with the other flavors. They definitely stood out, so if you aren’t a big fan of the taste of cranberries, I would leave them out.

I love these as an afternoon pick-me-up or when I’m running around with errands. And when you eat them right out of the fridge, they aren’t super sticky or anything, maybe a little crumbly but definitely delicious! What combinations work for you?


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