Beautiful time for a vacation

My husband and I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary at the end of the month. Here we were then.


And here we are on our recent vacation.


We knew we wanted to start some sort of anniversary tradition. In the months leading up to our anniversary, we tossed around numerous ideas. Let’s visit a new state each year. Let’s go back to Chicago (where we honeymooned) each year. And a lot of others. One day, on a whim, I looked up cabins in Gatlinburg, Tenn. I had visited with my family when I was ten and still viewed it as one of the better vacations I’ve had. I was mostly just curious as to what a cabin would cost. When I saw how close to hotel prices they were, I showed them to Jacob, who loved them. Then we started tossing around the idea of going for a couple of nights with his cousin and his girlfriend, who are close friends of ours. When they signed on, we made a reservation and were even able to get a deal, buy two week nights, get two.

So we went. And we loved it.

This was the view from our porch. Technically we were in Sevierville. And this was the morning after a bad storm so it was a bit foggy.


And this is a peek inside our wonderful cabin.


All I wanted to do was sip coffee and listen to nature. But the funny thing about vacations is that there are always things to do, places to see. And so, I sipped half a cup of coffee on our porch the first morning we were there, and never had a chance to do it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the trip and I think we’ll probably make a trip to Tennessee a yearly occurrence. Who doesn’t love nature? And penguins?


But next time, I really want to make some me time. Because the feeling of coming back after five days of vacation and realizing you are exhausted and have to catch up on a week of work, when you didn’t really rest all that much on vacation… yeah, not the best feeling.

How do you balance activities and relaxation when you are on vacation?


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