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Date night and the best concert ever

My husband and I work opposite shifts. We sleep opposite shifts. We have different days off. Having time to squeeze a date night in that consists of more than catching up on Supernatural or Master Chef Junior (so sad it has come to an end) takes planning substantially far in the future. Luckily, we share musical preferences (for the most part). Our favorite band is Emery, and if you haven’t heard of them, you should look them up. They’ve been my favorite band since Jacob introduced me to them back in high school, and we’ve seen them three times since.

One of their two singers, Devin, left the band a year or two ago to spend more time with his young daughter. While that’s pretty awesome, we were really sad because he is a great vocalist and a really amazing songwriter. So while Emery went on tour without him, we didn’t care enough to go see them. BUT when they announced earlier this year that Devin would be coming back on tour for the 10th anniversary of one of their first cds, we got crazy excited. As in, even if we have to drive five hours to get there, we’re going, excited. Lucky for us, they came to Detroit.

Even luckier for us, they offered VIP ticket packages allowing us to meet the band before the concert. So after being fans for years (5 for me, closer to 7 for him), we finally got to meet Emery. They are really nice and calm people. And some have really awesome southern accents.


Now I realize this has nothing to do with food or health or religion, but it was just that good of a concert and the band is just that much a part of our relationship that I had to share.

The first two times we saw them in concert, the opening bands didn’t really interest us, so we sort of wandered around until Emery came on stage. But this time, they had three really great opening bands, all doing acoustic sets, and Emery performed some of their own stuff done acoustically in-between openers. It was a really great concert from start to finish.

And experiencing things like this with my husband help me understand the truth in the saying: “Those who play together, stay together.” After the concert and the entire ride home, all we could think about was how amazing the concert was, what a great night it had been. We should have both been exhausted after long work weeks and hours of grooving to the music. But we were just so pumped! It will definitely be a night I’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

Toby and Devin doing an acoustic set. Sorry for the picture quality.

I should probably warn you they aren’t a super soft rock-y band. They’re kind of alternative rock mixed with a touch of metal-ish. I don’t really know how they would be classified (except that they’re pretty awesome). So there is some screaming, but not a lot. My husband is a really great drummer and when we first started dating, he was in a heavy metal band (lots of screaming) and so some of the music he introduced to my Simon & Garfunkel, Alabama-raised, pop/country music listening self was a bit… frightening, I fell in love with Emery from the start and have loved them ever since. They were the first band I ever saw live in concert (at 19) and I have many fond memories of road trips filled with my husband and I taking turns singing harmony to Emery cds.

Here’s the only video I’ve been able to spot on YouTube from the concert we were at. We’re not in it, but if you like this kind of music, you can get a feel for how amazing the concert was. Everyone there just really loved Emery.

So, there, the best date night ever, best concert ever, best band ever. Yep, it was a great night.


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