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It has been one of those weeks

It has been one of those weeks.

I feel like I could end this post there and so many people could relate. Whether you are a student, working in retail, working anywhere really, looking for a job, planning a wedding, pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have a newborn, have a hundred children, I feel like that sentence is one every single person can relate to.

V is cutting three teeth. Well actually she cut two in two days and we are just waiting for the third to pop through. When it does, she will have eight. Her teething is (I think) coinciding with a developmental leap and possibly even with her starting to walk on her own (we’ll see). So basically we aren’t sleeping well. She is nursing nonstop in really bizarre positions to try and take some pressure off her mouth, which is making it very difficult for me to sleep. She is up more through the night and starting her day earlier.

On top of that, our schedules are crazy and my husband just had his wisdom teeth out last week so he had to rest all weekend. I feel like I didn’t get a break all weekend, I showered for the first time in probably 9 or 10 days this morning, quick as I could before work, with a baby playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain so she didn’t cry that I was gone.

I miss my husband. Like a lot. I miss having me-time. I miss sleeping in whatever position I desire. I miss what it feels like to not be tired, to not go home only looking forward to bed time, only to lie on the couch or in bed in utter exhaustion, unable to fall asleep. I miss feeling like myself. I miss feeling genuinely happy.

It’s only Wednesday but it is definitely one of those weeks. Sometimes life is just a struggle. Being an adult is hard. Being a wife is hard. Being a parent is hard. Sometimes everything is hard and I can’t find a way to live in the present without being completely overwhelmed.

But the beauty of language is how simple it is to change tone. So as I sit at my desk, foggy with exhaustion, trying to remain positive and shake this funk, I am inspired to change my tone. I am inspired to find ways to create a life where I say “It has been one of those weeks!” in exhilaration instead of in total exasperation.

Only I can determine how I will handle what life pushes my way. Only I decide if I will be happy or not. I choose if it is “one of those weeks…” or “one of those weeks!”

How do you handle life when it all seems to be too much?


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