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It begins – Our Whole30 Journey Day 1-2

Ever since V was born, my health has seemed to be in a downward spiral. I attribute much of this to simply not taking care of myself and eating too little/not enough nutrient-dense food. All the work I had done while pregnant to be as healthy as possible just sort of undid itself. I suffered for over a year from an assortment of issues, but the turning point was realizing these issues were passing to V through my breast milk. I knew it was time to do something drastic to take back our health.

I know part of the issue is candida-related. But there is so much back and forth over whether the candida diet is actually healthy or not that I wasn’t comfortable doing it. Just telling myself to eat healthier wasn’t cutting it either.

Then several friends (completely unconnected) did a Whole30. I borrowed the book “It Starts With Food” from the local library and decided that’s what we needed to do. Healthy eating boot camp.

One caveat – because I am still breast feeding, I am very wary of anything that could potentially cause detox/die-off that would leach toxins into my breast milk and thus to V. After lots of searching, talking with my doctor, nurse and dietitian friends, we decided to do a slightly modified baby-step Whole30. Now I know they say you have to do all or nothing to get results. I get that. If we don’t get amazing results I will take full responsibility for that. But these baby steps make me feel comfortable that I’m not harming V by trying to make myself better. And we are already planning to do another Whole30, no baby steps, in another 3 months or so.

We decided to start May 1 to make it easy to track, so today is Day 2. Yesterday was a bit hectic so I didn’t get any photos of anything we ate yesterday but I’ll still list what we had.

Whole30 Day 1 Menu

Breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs before Mass (DH had 3, V had part of 1) – Green smoothie after Mass to get some greens in

Lunch – Grilled chicken breast with avocado, baked sweet potato and steamed asparagas

Dinner –

Baby steps

The Whole30 diet has you cut out all grains, oats, dairy, and sugars. To modify this slightly in hopes of slowing down/eliminating/reducing any sort of detox/die off issue, we’re doing a rolling it out type modification. Since candida is my biggest issue, I’m following the Whole30 protocol for sugar, which still allows for fruit as a natural sugar source. We do try to stick with low sugar fruit like green apples and berries, but I feel comfortable with this vs. a no-sugar-at-all-including-fruit diet like the candida protocol.

So fruit only, sparingly, for sugar.

Dairy – we’re consuming only raw or fermented dairy and butter for 3wks. I won’t buy any more dairy during the Whole30 so we have maybe a cup of organic kefir left, and no cheese so it will mostly be just butter that we consume. We will cut butter out starting on May 15 and for the remainder of the month.

Gluten/oats – While we didn’t eat a ton of wheat, grains, oats, etc., we’ve decided to keep pseudo-grains like oats and quinoa used sparingly for the first two weeks. We had oatmeal for breakfast this morning but I don’t actually have either on the menu plan until breakfast on Friday.

I don’t know if these small modifications will completely eliminate any improvement we notice from the Whole30 or if they’ll just lessen it. We’ll just have to wait and see. With this modified Whole30, our main goal is really to break bad habits and start the healing process, so if I can break my munchie, sweet-needing self of some bad habits, that will be success to me. We may even do an extra week or so of the Whole30 with no modifications, depending on how we feel.

Day 2 Menu

Breakfast – oatmeal with coconut oil and berries and hard boiled eggs (I had one, DH had two, V had bites of ours)

Lunch – Avo Tuna Egg Salad Wraps (recipe below)

Dinner – Shredded chicken and veggie stir-fry with coconut aminos

Avo Tuna Egg Salad Wraps

Makes enough for 6-10 wraps, depending on your romaine size and how full you want them
2 ripe avocados, mashed
1 can skipjack or albacore tuna
 1 carrot – diced
2 celery ribs – diced
2 green onions (white and pale green) – diced
3 hard boiled eggs – cut into bite-sized pieces
Squeeze of lemon
Spices (garlic powder, onion powder, dill, s&p, paprika, dash of cayenne)
Romaine leaves
Tomato slices


Step 1 – Mix all veggies together, gently squeeze lemon over top (I used probably 2/3 of half a medium lemon, just enough to add a kick and keep the avocado from browning)

Step 2 – Shred tuna with fork and add in; add eggs and mix well

Step 3 –  Layer tomato slices on romaine leaves; top with avo salad mixture and enjoy!

If your salad ends up too thick/not creamy enough, add more avocado or drizzle a little olive oil on top.



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