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I would not consider myself overly political. I vote, I care, but for the most part I feel pretty apathetic about the entire political system and don’t have the time, experience or drive to try to make much of a difference to it.

I still have no clue what I will do come November. The idea of Trump or Clinton in the White House is grim at best. But the last few days since Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic ticket, I have seen so many posts and shares and comments about how Hillary is an example and role model for all women, how little girls will look up to her forevermore. Even women who aren’t staunch Hillary supporters are coming out and saying how monumental this is for women.

And I just don’t get it.

Just because we finally have a woman as the candidate for a major party does not mean said woman is a role model. I certainly don’t find her to be for me and I certainly don’t want her to be for my daughter.

This is a woman who believes the only way women can be free and equal is if they have the right to kill their children in the womb, who has said she would have very minimal to no limits as to when abortion is not acceptable.

This is a woman who lauds big business and lets them pad her pocketbook, then expects us to believe she has our best interests at heart.

This is a woman who constantly flip flops on her positions and blurs ethical lines.

This is a woman who has played by the man’s rules. She has been cutthroat, manipulative and shady. She has played the game just like any man would have, because that was the only way for her to get to the top.

But if we get to the top by playing by their rules, have we actually gotten a woman to the top? If the only way to get to the top is to relinquish as much of our feminine uniqueness as possible, acting as similar to men as we can and denying innate differences between the sexes, have we actually accomplished anything?

I can’t wait to have a female president. There is so much in the female psyche I believe would be of great use in a president. Hillary Clinton is not a woman looking to use her innate feminism as president, but one who has slowly removed all traces of it so as to win the game.

I also can’t wait until we finally have a good president. When we get a presidential nominee who got there using kindness, humility, truth and compassion, then I will stand up and cheer, male or female. If we are to the point where we accept it is impossible to become president without lying our way there, then it is time for some serious reflection and purging of the current administration and policies. Shame on us for having such low standards. Shame on us for not demanding more from the leaders of our country.


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