Week in review – July 10-16

Because I think it is encouraging to see how other people actually function, I’m going to recap the week with what we actually ate vs. what I had planned. Hopefully you find it encouraging. I know I am learning a ton about improvising 🙂

Sunday, July 10

Breakfast – A little bit of this and that

Lunch – Tuna mac and cheese, mangoes

Dinner – No-bun hamburgers with lettuce, radishes and avocado, berries

We actually ate everything on the menu!

Monday, July 11

Breakfast – Ezekiel bread toast with almond butter and bananas or cream cheese and strawberries

Lunch – LO hamburgers, carrots, side salad

Dinner – Mexican crockpot chicken with avocado and rice

Still doing well, we ate everything as planned! 


Tuesday, July 12

Breakfast – Coconut oatmeal with frozen berries

Lunch – Leftovers, work potluck for me

Dinner – Spicy sweet salmon with avocado and sweet potatoes We decided to just have leftovers because I got out of work late.


Wednesday, July 13

Breakfast – Ezekiel toast with cream cheese and strawberries or almond butter and bananas

Lunch – Leftovers, V to grandma’s

Dinner – Veggie Fried Rice

We stuck with the plan today, too!


Thursday, July 14

Breakfast – Coconut oil oatmeal with berries

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Balsamic garlic crockpot chicken with quinoa We just sort of snacked and ate leftovers. 


Friday, July 15

Breakfast – Toast or oatmeal with fruit and a fat

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Salmon with whatever veg we still have left We ended up having the spicy salmon  and sweet potatoes that had been scheduled for Tuesday.

Saturday, July 16

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – use up everything in the house We ended up having breakfast at the farmer’s market, tacos for lunch and bunless hamburgers for dinner. 


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