There’s a new (to me at least) saying out there that is used by a lot of pros in the New Evangelization – we’ve been catechized but not evangelized. This is me to a tee. A cradle Catholic, I knew the basics of the Catholic faith but had no relationship with Christ and had a hard time feeling genuine within the faith. After a rather lukewarm faith-life through college and early married life, I felt God calling me back, welcoming me home and encouraging me to fall in love with His Son.

I’m not there yet. But like everything in life, I believe change best happens slowly, one foot at a time. I’m in the best place religiously I’ve ever been. I’m surrounded by leaders of the Church on a daily basis through my work at the local diocese and I am working daily to discern easy, practical goals for improving my faith and relationship with Christ while in this busy, messy, chaotic season of life. I hope Now One Foot can be a source of encouragement during your dark days and a place where you can share your joy in the light.