The amount of information out there on all things family-related is astounding. When we were first starting our family, I often found myself frustrated by conflicting advice and the overwhelming stockpile of stuff there is out there about marriage, pregnancy, birth, womanhood, motherhood, being a wife, keeping a home and everything in-between.

Like everything else in life, I believe change best happens slowly, one foot at a time. My goal is for Now One Foot to become a resource and community to help cut through the massive amounts of information available and drill it down to easy, actionable, achievable steps for all things family, no matter where on this journey you are starting out.

I’ve only been a wife 4 years, a mother for 2. I’m right there with you in the trenches, learning as best I can and making it up as I go along when needed. Together we can make the best out of this vocation and create joyful lives for our families.